Perry Technology

EDM - Nonconventional Machining

For your highly specialized needs, Perry Technology offers wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) or nonconventional machining.  This gives us the flexibility to produce otherwise impossible forms in materials of all types.

Wire EDM is one of the most accurate manufacturing processes available for creating complex or simple shapes and geometries within parts and assemblies. Wire EDM is especially well suited for operations requiring very high accuarracy (our EDM equipment is capable of holding tolerances of up to +/- .0001" or .0025 mm) and for low-count quick-turnaround part runs. 

In addition, wire EDM offers several advantages over traditional machining methods, including the ability to:

  • Machine complex shapes that would be difficult or time consuming to produce with conventional cutting tools
  • Cut extremely hard materials while still maintaining tight tolerances
  • Cut small pieces that conventional machining tools could damage by applying excess cutting tool pressure to the piece
  • Machine fragile sections and materials without any distortion because there is no direct contact between tool and work piece
  • Obtain incredibly fine finishes without producing recast layers or heat affected zones.

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