Perry Technology

CNC Grinding of All Types

Perry Technology provides grinding services in both the end-to-end production of our customer’s part, or as a finishing operation to improve the precision of a gear or spline.  These services include ID/OD, gear or spline, thread, jig or surface grinding.

We perform all grinding operations in our climate-controlled facility, which allows us to maintain the optimum thermal conditions for holding tight tolerances.

Because grinding is one of our specialties, we have one of the most diverse collections of grinding equipment and technologies in the industry.  In addition, we carefully match all our gear grinding operations to your requirements in order to maximize quality, improve turnaround times, and reduce costs.

ID/OD Grinding

Manufacturing high quality gears requires extremely precise blanks. We use the most advanced CNC grinding equipment to accomplish this every day.

Our Mitsubishi OD grinders, Studer ID grinders, and Weldon ID/OD grinders can grind not only cylindrical parts but also unique shapes and partial diameters.

When it comes to gear manufacturing, the finished part is only as good as the blank you start with.

Jig/Surface Grinding

Our Moore CNC and manual jig equipment lets us grind holes and complex forms to very precise tolerances.

Our CNC Jung surface grinder uses CNC dressing to surface grind contours, racks, and flat surfaces, plus it lets us perform creep feed grinding.

Schutte Grinding

For decades, Schütte has been synonymous with high quality tool grinding.  Our (2) 5-axis CNC Schütte grinders give us the versatility to grind our own hob tooling and resharpen or grind custom milling tools.

Because the Schütte grinders are so versatile, we can grind worm threads, extremely high tolerance helix and multi-start helicals using Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) wheels dressed right on the machine under CNC control.

In addition, our Zöller Genius optical comparator can verify wheel forms plus the hob and cutting tool forms we produce.

Thread Grinding

Drake Manufacturing is recognized globally for building state-of-the-art precision CNC thread, worm and profile gear grinding machines. Hands down, Drake sets the standard for thread grinding technology.  

For this reason, Perry Technology uses Drake CNC grinding machines for forming a variety of threads, including multi start worms and screw threads, to incredibly tight tolerances.

In addition, Perry Technology uses AutoCAD DXF files to generate dressing programs which automatically dress the correct form on the grinding wheels, and which in turn ensures we are accurately producing the correct form on the part we are grinding.

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