Perry Technology

Gear and Spline Shaping

We have over 50 Fellows gear shaper machines on our factory floor, many custom configured to machine high alloy and high nickel turbine shaft splines and ratchets.  We are sure to have one to fit your needs too.

Our shaping capacities range from 0 to 40" diameter, and pitches from 1  to 1000.

Our specialized CNC gear shapers include tilt tables, crowning capabilities, internal helical shaping, and are capable of cutting highly accurate aerospace splines in difficult to machine alloys.

Between our 70 years of gear shaping experience,our large collection of shaping equipment, and our huge cache of tens of thousands of cutting tools, you can count on Perry Technology to quickly evaluate, produce, inspect and deliver your gear or spline -  and you can be sure it will meet your exacting requirements.

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